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It's Time For A Bathroom Update

You've been scrubbing your bathroom for an hour and take a step back to look at what should be a sparkling and gleaming space. But it isn't - the bathroom is clean but it still doesn't look the way you want it to. The grout lines are darkened, the tile is cracked, and the colors have dulled. This is when you know that it's time for you to update your bathroom.

Have a bathroom that shines, makes your work easier, and looks the part. More than that, enjoy a new level of functionality with modern features and upgrades you deserve to have - upgrades and features like:

  • Designated toilet room
  • Heated seats and floors
  • Freestanding tub
  • Double sink
  • Doorless showers
  • Built-in light features
  • Custom cabinets and vanities
  • Low-noise fans
  • Open concept layout
  • Shower benches
  • Curbless showers
  • Steam shower
Before Taking Care Of Everyone Else, Take Care Of Yourself

You've spent all day at work, everyone was asking you to help them with something, and your boss wasn't making anything easier for you. As soon as you get home all you want to do is just take a breath. But kids, family requests, and chores won't get done by themselves…

Imagine if you had a space that you can escape into, slow down, and take deep a breath in. Make your bathroom your own personal oasis where you can spend some quality time away from the world.

Step into a stylish, classy bathroom every morning, evening, or whenever you need a moment to slow down. We can help you create a place you're excited to be in and a space that soothes your senses.

Get Your Perfect Bathroom In 3 Easy Steps

Say goodbye to your outdated bathroom and enjoy watching your bathroom get transformed into the modern space you've been looking forward to. Give us your input and help us make your bathroom exactly the way you want it.

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1. Get In Touch

Fill out our form, send us pictures of your current bathroom, as well as pictures of how you'd like it to look.

We will get back to you for a phone consultation, give you a ballpark price, and schedule your in-home consultation.

2. Transforming Your Bathroom

During the in-home consultation, we talk about the budget, the scope of work, and let you know what to expect during your project.

After designing your new space, we start construction and build you your beautiful bathroom.

3. Celebrate Your New Space

After we clean up, we invite you to step into your new bathroom and let us know if everything is exactly how you envisioned it to be.

Enjoy your new relaxing oasis.

Bathroom Remodeling Prices

Get a professional service, a bathroom you can enjoy for years to come, and a friendly working environment - all at a price that makes sense for your budget.

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Base Bathroom Remodel*


Includes tiling your shower/tub area, new plumbing fixtures, new vanity and countertop, floor tile, and custom shower glass in a small guest bathroom.

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Average Bathroom Remodel*


Includes larger, tiled shower, tub-to-shower conversion, additional plumbing features, new vanities, custom quartz countertop, floor tile, and custom shower glass for an average-sized bathroom.

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High-End Bathroom Remodel*


Includes a larger walk-in shower, free-standing tub, multi-function plumbing fixtures, new vanity cabinet, custom countertop, custom lighting, layout reconfiguration, and custom shower glass for a large master bathroom.

*Prices are averages and may change depending on the size of bathroom remodel, your choice of materials and upgrades, and the overall design. You'll receive an exact quote for your unique bathroom remodel after the in-house consultation.

Bathroom Remodel Cost Calculator

Time to start thinking about the budget for your remodel. To get ballpark pricing for your bathroom remodeling investment, use our calculator tool.

In North Carolina, it is typical to spend up to 15% of your home\'s value on a bathroom remodel.

Besides the overall look you\'re trying to achieve for your space, there are multiple factors that go into a full bathroom remodel:

Labor of employees

Backend services

Material Choice

Number of fixtures


Drag the sliders to adjust your values

Type of bathroom

Hall/Small Bathroom ($), Full Bathroom ($$), or Master Bathroom ($$$).


Bathroom size in square feet


Your Rough estimate is:


A Touch Of Inspiration​

It's important to know what you're getting and what to expect before you make a home remodel commitment. We've put together a gallery for you to browse and find some extra inspiration for your home.


bathroom remodeled


Kitchens remodeled


Home Additions Builts


Attics And Basements Finished

Your Licensed General Contractor

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Happy Homeowners Like You Say...

Your smile is our job well done. Many companies can remodel a bathroom or kitchen and do construction work around your home, but few can make you smile while they do it too. Our goal is to make your time with us enjoyable and without regrets, and to make your home renovation an exquisite success.

I have used Enhanced Renovations on three projects for our Raleigh home.

The first was converting a screened porch to a sun room which we now thoroughly enjoy.

The second was interior work for the house - painting, removing wall paper and “pop-corn” ceilings, and replacing some lights and fans.

The third and most recently was replacing old siding with the new cement based product; removing old bath tile and replacing with new; and some other creative work in the bath. Richard has the technical knowledge and vision to correct original construction issues with enhanced and creative remedies.

I am sure he will be doing other projects for us in the future.

Ben and Peggy C

It's an honor to recommend Enhanced Renovations and Richard Nordheim for repairs and remodeling work.

His business card promises superior craftsmanship, and he more than delivers. Rich's technical diversity is astounding-he can tackle tile, plumbing, carpentry, countertops, concrete pads-and he knows who the highest quality suppliers are in the area, as well.

I absolutely love my redone kitchen! He paid attention to every detail and even went out of his way to clean up afterward. Rich's carpentry, work ethic, reliability, and competitive pricing put him in a far superior category from every other contractor I have ever worked with-and I've worked with many.

In addition, he and his crew are prompt, professional, trustworthy, and friendly. I'm actually looking forward to the next home improvement project.

Dan and Nancy Y

I am honored to provide a recommendation for Richard Nordheim and his team at Enhanced Renovations. From the very first meeting, Richard, his son, Colin, and the entire Enhanced Renovation team were professional, straightforward, punctual, honest, communicative, kind, and incredibly easy to work with.

I hired them to help renovate a new home for my mom (see photos below). We were on a tight timeframe and had a set budget. Richard and his team immediately prepared a very detailed quote and timeline that included every single detail that we had on our wish list. This allowed us to all be on the same page from day one. I was overseeing the project from afar, so communication was paramount to the success of the project.

Richard and his team set up bi-weekly calls with me so that I always felt up to speed on what was happening and they always checked in with me when there were any questions or concerns before proceeding. They provided me with weekly photos and even spent time Facetiming with me from the house when there were multiple items to discuss.

The quality of their work was exceptional. Their attention to detail and ability to foresee issues before they occurred was critical since I was not on site to oversee anything. As the project continued, Richard would keep me up to date on where we stood with finances to make sure we stayed within the budget.

And, most importantly, he and his team worked overtime to ensure that we were able to move my mom into her new house even earlier than expected. The final product is even better than we could have ever hoped for. Richard and his team helped us create a new home for my mom that is bright, happy and cheerful.

I would recommend Richard and his team to anyone looking to have a very positive and stress-free renovation experience.

Amanda M

We had an amazing experience and would strongly recommend working with Richard, Colin and the entire Enhanced Renovations team. We worked with Enhanced Renovations to convert our unfinished / unconditioned attic storage space into a home gym. At the start, Richard and Colin were extremely thorough in developing the price estimate and scope of work -- which ultimately meant that there were no surprises throughout the project. They also recommended additional low cost storage improvements that we hadn't thought of ourselves that made our space so much more functional. While the project was underway, Colin and his team were always in communication, letting us know the work plan and when to expect team members. There was never a lag in the project timeline, which we greatly appreciated. They were great at quality control and proactive throughout. We are so happy with the new space! We strongly recommend working with Enhanced Renovations (we know we will again when we're ready for our next home project)!

Emily K

We had an outstanding experience with Enhanced Renovations. Richard, Colin, and the rest of the crew were very easy to work with and all wanted to make sure the project was exactly as we wanted...and it is! The project included tile, linear fireplace with mantel, lower level cabinets(that matched our kitchen cabinets) and floating shelves made from maple and stained to match. They were very professional in all aspects of the project. They went above and beyond to make sure we loved the results. Specifically, they stained and re-stained the shelves until we liked the color. The work is extremely high quality including many minor details that many contractors aren't concerned about. They were very responsive to any questions and concerns we had. We highly recommend Enhanced Renovations and would use them for any future projects!

Darla and Tim C

We have recently had the privilege of having Enhanced Renovations do a remodel of a bathroom used by our teenage daughters. What makes this so special and extraordinary is that Enhanced Renovations did this remodel with one of our daughters, Annabelle, specifically in mind. Annabelle is 14 years of age and has cerebral palsy, which in the past required another family member to laboriously assist her with her bathing. Richard Nordheim, the owner of Enhanced was made aware of our situation, and made the decision to donate gratis all labor and was able to secure donations of materials and fixtures from his suppliers. His company’s employees gutted the entire bathroom and replaced with fixtures and materials of a vastly superior quality and aesthetics, in the process creating a shower that will enable Annabelle to bathe herself unaided, as well as a vanity which will enable her to more easily maintain dental hygiene and attend to her beauty regimen.

Some of the things that stand out the most about Mr. Nordheim, his organization, as well as his suppliers, was the lengths in terms of time expended, as well as the difficulty of making seemingly incompatible things fit and mesh neatly together, that his people, especially Paul and Tina, were willing to surmount in order to provide our family with a stunningly beautiful end product that at the same time will be of immense utility to Annabelle. All of this, and I extend kudos as well to his suppliers who donated fixtures and material, when he could have just as easily expended all this effort on a for profit job with which he could have undoubtedly earned a substantial profit.

I think that many of us have looked forlornly at how the overall quality of work, services performed, and pride of craftsmanship has deteriorated in our society over the last few decades. Be assured, however, that contracting with Enhanced Renovations will leave you with an upgrade to your residence or any other structure of yours that will not just leave you quite satisfied, but thrilled and delighted. In closing, I cannot praise Mr. Richard Nordheim and Enhanced Renovations, nor enthuse about their work and the quality and beauty of our bathroom strongly enough. 5 Stars!!!

Evie R

I highly recommend using Enhanced Renovations for your home remodeling projects. Richard, Colin and Paul are punctual, efficient, great communicators and real gentlemen. They are good to their word and if they say they will get it done they will get it done.

Last Spring I rang up Richard while 3 months pregnant and asked him to finish my attic, add a dormer and remodel our media room over the summer before the baby was born. A pretty tall ask on its own considering that summer is not the ideal time for an attic remodel. I then thew in adding an additional bathroom to the attic last minute making it an even taller ask but Richard agreed and accepted the challenge.

Colin did a fantastic job with scheduling and managing the various teams of sub-contactors. The sub-contactors themselves were all top quality, personable guys. It was a pretty tough build in terms of the timelines I put on the team plus various curveballs around HOA approvals and permits but they persevered and got it done in time for the baby's arrival!

We are very impressed with the quality of the build, both rooms, the dormer and the bathroom are beautifully finished. They managed to design a really functional and attractive attic suite which was really impressive when considering how oddly shaped our attic was, with stairs and plumbing in non-optimal positions.

In summary, Enhanced Renovations took on a design and timeline challenge for us and got it done on time and delivered exceptional quality. Would 100% recommend!

Rebecca O

From initial estimate through finishing touches, Enhanced Renovations made our bathroom remodel as smooth and disruption-free as possible. Thanks to Scott, the project coordinator, highly skilled teams rotated like clockwork to demo, plumb, re-tile and re-install the modern new fixtures and design. The craftsmen were friendly, efficient, and scrupulously clean, and they did the work without inconveniencing us in any way. I had put the project off, thinking it would be a messy hassle for weeks, and was very happily surprised by how hassle-free it proved to be. The cost was absolutely competitive (we checked), and, if you see our before-and-after photos, worth every dime. From the design consultation up front to the boss's final inspection, it was a positive experience and an upgrade that enhances our home's value. I recommend Enhanced Renovations to any homeowners similarly interested in top-quality investments in their homes.

Paul M

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