Top Ten Lighting Ideas to Brighten Up Your Bathroom

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bright bathroom lighting

Are you looking to change up your bathroom lighting? Maybe you already have bathroom lighting ideas you’d like to try.

Many homeowners want their bathrooms to be consistent with the lighting in the rest of the house. Others seek lighting solutions that create an entirely new mood for their private space.

You can enjoy more lighting options than you may realize! Remodeling experts at Enhanced Renovations offer their top bathroom lighting ideas to brighten up your space.

How to Choose the Right Lighting

Beauty and functionality. These are the two most important factors to consider when remodeling bathroom lighting. Regardless of your home’s interior design or architecture, you should find lighting that complements your room’s style and mood.

Lighting is an excellent way to enhance beauty and functionality and provide subtle accents to the room design. Before choosing a lighting style, ask yourself the following questions:

●       Does my bathroom have windows?

●       Do I want to emphasize natural light or ambient light?

●       Do I want lights over bathroom features like my tub?

●       Do I want my vanity to make a statement?

These questions will help you find the right lighting fixtures for you!

1.    Traditional Light Fixture

A traditional light fixture will pair nicely with rustic-style homes. Simple shade sconces off your wall or ceiling draws attention without feeling too flashy. Consider adding small chandeliers to your primary bathroom.

Traditional shade sconces provide pleasant lighting at night. Additionally, they will not diminish natural light during the day.

2.    Dangling Pendants

Pendant lighting fixtures descend from your ceiling and create a bold atmosphere for your space. You can place pendant lighting over your sink or bathtub. Homeowners feel flexible with this style because pendant fixtures come in many designs.

This lighting fixture looks great whether you want glassy or smokey sconces. You can even double up the look by adding asymmetrical twin pendants.

3.    Powder Room Elegance

Let your powder room promote the same sense of refined beauty that you do. Elegant Italian or rococo sconces and chandeliers make a charming statement above any vanity mirror. Set the brightness on these inspiring fixtures to an intensity that suits you, and enjoy the mood.

A bathroom designed with this style looks stunning. You can maximize this effect with bold and dark wall colors.

4.    Spotlights

Try installing spotlights over showers, tubs, and sinks. When electricians place these lights near walls, they create subtle reflective downlighting that is great for setting the mood. Ceiling spotlights offer excellent visibility in the room without over lighting the space.

Many individuals choose to pair spotlights with other lighting solutions. These bathroom lighting ideas are excellent for accentuating specific features of the room.

5.    Vanity Lighting

bright bathroom lighting

For some, nothing is more important than having the perfect lighting for your vanity. Vanity lighting is especially beneficial in powder rooms. Bulbs, wall fixtures, and mirror edge lighting are valid options to improve your bathroom vanity.

Vanity mirrors come in countless designs. Choose a light fixture that matches your mirror’s border color and design to get the most out of this lighting style.

6.    Accent Lighting

The tasteful application of accent lighting can give your bathroom a big personality. Try installing dim lights under tubs or sink counters. LEDs can provide beautiful displays of vibrant colors on your tiling and walls.

This lighting choice is great for creating intimate moods. You can even pair this style with other bathroom lighting ideas to increase your options. For example, a good spotlight installation will not clash with LEDs.

7.    Hidden Lighting

Hidden lighting is excellent for anyone who wants to avoid protruding fixtures and chandeliers. This option is perfect for contemporary and minimalist bathroom styles. You can install your light bulbs and LEDs on the ceiling or corners of the wall.

You have the choice of using uplighting or downlighting, depending on your preference. Skilled electricians and designers can help you create the most effective layout.

8.    Art Deco Vanity Mirrors

Art Deco bathroom styles are popular across the country. The classic modernist design is a bold choice for those who want to make a statement. Art Deco vanity mirrors incorporate metropolitan lighting to brighten your face and the entire room.

This lighting makes the space look big, perfect for the primary bathroom. Try pairing this with accent lighting under the vanity to reinforce the aesthetic.

9.     Layered Lighting Schemes

Layered schemes help emphasize the natural lighting in the room. Uplights and effects help bathroom lighting avoid overpowering the natural light in the space. Remodeling experts recommend this option for bathrooms with one or more windows.

A layered lighting scheme offers soft light to the room. Relax while you enjoy the sun or moonlight coming through your windows.

10.    Spa Lighting

For those looking to maximize their relaxation, spa lighting is the way to go. Atmospheric lighting around the tub and shower will emphasize the water shimmer. This method is the perfect way to deliver mood lighting while bathing.

Uplights and a strategically placed downlight can create calming layers of illumination. Light candles, lay back, and relax with this soothing option.

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