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Many homeowners have spent more time in their homes over the past few years due to the pandemic. While inside, many have returned to or developed plans to improve areas of their homes. Now would be a great time to finally finish a basement–and we’d be happy to help.

The renovation specialists at Enhanced Renovations hope these basement redesign tips inspire you when you finish your basement. Contact us at our get a quote page to discuss finished basement ideas and find a remodeling plan that suits your goals and your budget.

Design Concepts That Make Efficient Use of Basement Space

If you have a smaller basement, you might wonder if finishing the basement is worth it just to add a few hundred feet of space. However, many basement design concepts work well for small basements and scale up to larger floor plans. So, if you’re looking to expand, bring this up when you discuss your plans with a professional designer.

Open Concept Basement Plans

open concept basement idea

An open concept basement allows you to use the entirety of the basement at once, except for the furnace room and water heater. Combining a mini kitchen, TV or game area, and storage areas keep everything at your disposal. Remember that you might need support columns if you remove load-bearing walls to create an open concept layout.  

Separate Business from Fun

If you plan to use your basement as a home office, create separate areas for a desk and office supplies. 

Add insulating material or wall hangings to absorb sound from elsewhere in the basement so you can concentrate. Add a sound system to your game or media system for optimal acoustics so guests don’t have to crank up the volume to enjoy the music.

Paint the Basement Walls

Plain white paint on sheetrock or drywall is often enough for an unfinished or partially finished basement. However, a fresh coat of paint can perfectly round out your finished basement. Even if you don’t have a coherent design scheme, an accent wall can give your basement a unique look.

Add Flooring

It will be a challenge to create a welcoming and stylish look for your finished basement if you have a bare concrete floor. Linoleum and laminate flooring are functional and cost-effective options, and tile adds a touch of class and water resistance. If you decide to carpet your basement or add hardwood floors, take steps to prevent flooding.

Practical Basement Ideas to Add Value to Your Home

If your long-term plans for your home include relocation, trading up to a larger house, or renting your home out, your basement remodeling project could affect your bottom line. Consider these finished basement ideas to bolster your home’s listing and draw in more offers when the time comes.  

Add a Guest Bedroom

Your friends, teenage children, or potential homebuyers will appreciate your investment in adding a new bedroom downstairs. The cost of furniture, closet space, and a few walls can add up, but it pays dividends in your home’s functionality and resale value.

If you include a sleeping area in your finished basement, add an egress window to comply with building codes and keep your guests safe in the event of a fire. Adding another bedroom might also affect the power heating and air conditioning demand.

Add a Basement Bathroom

If you use your basement as forgotten storage because you don’t want to climb up and down the stairs, add a downstairs bathroom to make your basement more welcoming for a future home office, media room, or guest apartment. Be sure to upgrade your home’s heating, cooling, and power systems as needed during your upgrade.

Set Up a Media Room or Studio

basement music room

Do you want to escape the noise and commotion of the upstairs rooms to enjoy a sporting event, watch a movie, or pursue a hobby? Create a workspace or den downstairs. The basement’s location makes it easier to control the acoustics and light levels to make your entertainment experience your own.

Do your hobbies make noise? You can avoid annoying your family by relocating your tools and instruments downstairs so that the sound won’t travel to bedrooms and the common rooms upstairs. Your house will run more smoothly if your basement gives different family members the chance to pursue their interests.

Protect Your Basement from Flooding

Whatever you decide to use your basement for, design your basement so that you don’t lose your belongings in the event of a flood.

Keep Cool in the Summer

Heat rises, which can cause the upper levels of your home to become oppressively hot when the weather turns hot. Keep your energy bills low by retreating to a cool basement oasis. Use bright, tranquil colors and festive decor to boost your mood. Add a refrigerator and a bar for drinks and snacks.

Are you worried that the basement will be too dark in the daytime? Add more windows along exterior walls to increase the levels of natural light.

If you have a walk-in basement and a backyard pool, add a mud room by the entrance to dry off before coming inside to relax. Although the cost of excavating dirt is considerable, consider adding an outside staircase from your backyard to the basement so that you can get into or out of the basement quickly.

Repurpose Extra Space with a Basement Makeover

Many finished basement ideas increase the versatility of your home and can expand your personal and professional horizons. Discover more finished basement ideas at Enhanced Renovations, a professional remodeling company that brings decades of experience to basement renovations. Visit our contact us page to schedule a phone call today.