What Does A Bathroom Remodel Timeline Usually Look Like?

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This Is About How Long Most People Will Have Contractors Creating Their Stunning New Bathroom

People usually feel better when they know how long a home improvement project’s going to take. It makes it easier to plan for the best time to do it!

In this post, you can find out a usual bathroom remodel timeline. You can also discover the main reasons it can change.

New bathroom after following the bathroom remodel timeline

What Does The Usual Bathroom Remodel Timeline Look Like?

The usual bathroom remodel timeline is between one and two months, but some contractors can do it faster. This includes everything from designing your bathroom to final touchups. Your timeline mainly depends on the number of fixtures you want to remodel, bathroom size, job complexity, bathroom age, and if we find any damages.

Enhanced Renovations’ Bathroom Remodel Timeline

Week 1

Space preparation, demolition, and rough work (rough electrical and plumbing, minor framing if needed). Then inspections, which is the slowest phase of the project. Your contractor will have to wait for official inspectors to come in and approve their work.

Week 2

Drywall installation, backer board installation (it’s like drywall but for showers), and leveling for the walls. We will also start prepping for tile installation.

Week 3

Tile installation, drywall finishes, and priming for painting. Your contractor may recommend measuring for custom glass shower doors if it’s part of your bathroom remodel design.

*custom tiling can further add to the timeline

Week 4

Final plumbing and electrical work. This week also involves installing fixtures, lights, countertops, vanities, doing trim work, finishing components, and doing any finishing touches. It’s best to have mirrors and accessories ready so your contractor can do them all at once. Painting depends on when your project closes up and any previous additional work and final inspections.

Week 5

Install glass doors* and leave you to enjoy your amazing new bathroom!

*dependent on manufacturing lead time

What 5 Main Factors Can Change The Timeline?

  1. The number of fixtures. The more fixtures you have the more there is to remodel. This means it’ll take more time and labor to finish.
  2. Size. The bigger or smaller your bathroom is the more or less there is to do. Larger bathrooms tend to take longer because there’s more work to do. Smaller bathrooms have less work to do so they tend to take less time. The other factors here can change that.
  3. Job complexity. Less complex jobs usually involve updating the look and not moving fixtures. More complex jobs can involve moving or adding fixtures. The more or less complex your project is the longer or shorter your bathroom remodel timeline can be.
  4. Age. Older bathrooms may need a lot more work depending on your vision. The electrical and piping elements may need updating if you decide to get new appliances or lights. They may also just need replacing.
  5. Damages. When remodeling a space it isn’t uncommon to find damage that needs fixing. It can be wood rot, water damage, mold, or one of the many other types of damages. They all need fixing before moving forward.